Living In A World Of Fear With A Fear Of The World

by MVA

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released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


MVA Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

NJHC coming from Berkeley Heights.

Music Video For "Just As I, So Will You"

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Track Name: Juan Romero's Rosary
If there was no bad,
Then there’d be no good.
If there was no ignorance,
Then who’d be understood?
Track Name: Lester Moore's Epitaph
To those who have never seen the light,
You are the lucky few.
To have been blessed with the gift of objectivity,
I am envious of you.

Where there’s no light, there’s no hope;
A veritable state of real.
And when it’s real, you’ll know it’s real.
When your heart drops to your stomach,
Death’s only appeal.

So when it’s real, you’ll know it’s real;
God damn it’s real.

Here lies Lester Moore,
Two slugs from a .44,
No less, no more,
No less, no more.
Track Name: Roll
The cold wind blowing through my hair,
Adrenaline through my veins;
Earth moving underneath my world,
The wheels turning, I don’t feel any pain.

I don’t feel any pain.

No Pain.
Track Name: Don't Tread On Me
Don’t pretend to care about what I think,
Just as I won’t pretend to care about you.
This whole talk is just a dogshit game,
Pretending that we care about what we do.
Track Name: Deadweight
Always drawn to
Those that hurt you
Cut the Deadweight
Cut the Deadweight
Cut the Deadweight


Don’t act surprised that those who loved you left you destitute.
Love only goes so far.
Love only goes so far.
Love only goes so far.
Track Name: Just As I, So Will You
I stand planted with my feet on the floor,
Hand on the door,
Truth at the core,
Of this whole catastrophe.
Your life’s on the line,
Fading with time,
Pay for the crime,
You archenemy.
I see through your lie,
Razor & Tie,
Trying to get by,
Your fallacies.
Fading with time,
Fading with time,
Fading with time.

I can’t take any more,
I’m tired and sore,
It’s hard to ignore,
When I’m all I’ve got.
My mind is a game,
Weak and ashamed,
Fully to blame,
And Falling apart.
Filling with smoke,
Don’t want to choke,
The fire is stoked,
To burn it all.
Filling with smoke,
Filling with smoke,
Filling with smoke.

Filling with smoke.

Track Name: Disassociated
Like I need another reason to withdraw my thoughts.
Speaking my mind clearly is all I was taught.
Cleaning my closet won’t do me any good,
When I don’t avoid the subject,
Even when I should.

Insanity becomes another fucking fad,
Like losing your mind isn’t so fucking bad,
Keep playing pretend while the real people suffer,
You’re just making your life tougher and tougher.

Then come crying to mom,
With your problems and your wars,
While real people alone settle their fucking scores.
Track Name: The Rabbit Hole (Animal)
How far down does the rabbit hole go?
I know I’m only twenty years young but I really feel old.
A decade ago I’d say that there’s so much to live for.
A family in the suburbs is all that made up my scoreboard.
But that tantalizing dream has really ended up a sham.
Sucking dick after dick to meet the top?
What a scam.
So now my priorities shift.
I’ve lost the drive for the gold.
But who’s to say I need it?
It’s just what I’ve been told.

I can’t be swayed by popular belief, it’s not who I am.
I need to come to grips with the fact that I am just a man.
Capable of great feats, but still just animal.
That seems to be overlooked when we say we have souls.
It’s funny how the human brain can rule out reason,
In a time in which it is the most needed reaction.
But that’s not the worst of it; We pry and we hate.
Just because we can’t control ourselves in our own mental state.

How selfish of us.
To think we’re so supreme.
With our shiny swag and new handbag,
There’s more to be seen.

A man that knows himself is a man that knows peace.
Forget about the money and his troubles will cease.
I guess that’s too bad for me, ‘cause I barely know myself.
And although I despise it, I’m concerned with my wealth.

There’s nothing too poetic to be said about life.
It’s just a mindless task,
A faceless mask,
A cold sharpened knife.
And it all comes down to that.
A sad little rhyme.
A little boy inside his mind with far too much time.

Far too much time.