I Have Been You Twice EP

by MVA

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released October 3, 2012



all rights reserved


MVA Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

NJHC coming from Berkeley Heights.

Music Video For "Just As I, So Will You"

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Track Name: Cashing Out
I’m cashing out on the bets that I’ve made.
I’m through getting fucked hand by hand and outplayed.
There’s no sympathy for a man filled with doubt.
Which is why you’ll be seeing me with my chips cashing out.
I should have taken my father’s advice long ago,
And get the fuck out of dodge once I scratch up the dough.
I’m Cashing Out.
Track Name: Filthy Cross
Who the fuck are you to decide who can love?
Keep preaching your dead ethics while the world moves above,
All your misguided plans and outdated rules and ways.
God can rest assured you’ll do whatever he says.
God is in the way.

God is in the way of our birthgiven rights.
Rights to let anyone spend the rest of their life,
With the one that they love unconditionally,
Not the ones that will make them live life unhappily.

Take your filthy cross out of my life.
Track Name: Everethical
I’m haunted by the thought that I’ve done all I can;
Thrown the towel down and rid myself of hope for the end.
Yet there’s the looming thought that it’s all just began;
But I can’t be sure of something that I can’t understand.
So for now, I’m Everethical.

I’d like to think that there’s some sort of way to know for sure.
I’d like to think that there’s some sort of way to be secure.
But for now, I’m Everethical.
Track Name: Burn Bonnie Burn
I am the ringing in your ears.
I am the billowing smoke.
I am every woman's tears.
I am the unwavering faith in the eyes of the man in the plane in the sky crashing down into the earth.

I am the reason why.
Track Name: Devil Sick Of Sin
With nothing left but just his name,
What is a man to do?
With nothing left but just his name?
What now? Rebuild? Recount?
To think that it’s just begun,
I won’t forget about the things that you've done.
The time that I've spent on you,
It’s taken too long for all these plans to fall through.
With nothing left but just his name,
What is a man to do?
With nothing left but just his name?
Forget you
Track Name: War Dogs
If it’s not in your text book then it didn’t happen.

War Dogs.

Spread fear and expect virtue.
Too much pride casts a funny hue.
Where was your self-regard in Vietnam?
Butcher millions you thought were VietCong?

Statistics are statistics so just stick to the speech.
Now fly that flag high,
And please oh god don’t impeach.
Your words are construed,
Dodging questions like a pro.
Just please don’t forget,
That you’ll reap what you sew.